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We hope you enjoy your Free Online copy of "Free Things for Kids"  where you will find 100's of things for your kids to do AND to send away for. We have not only found some great free offers, activites and memberships online for kids, BUT we have a ton of fun free offers that they can mail in for to have mailed to them at home.

Make sure you TURN OFF YOUR POP UP BLOCKER as all links will open in a new window.

Please feel free to copy this out for your reference, which will be helpful in sending away for free things to be mailed to you.

Note: Follow Instructions! You MUST follow any of the instructions/rules that are laid out in each individual free offer or you may not receive it.  Each company has a different way of doing things and it is required that you follow their instructions. Some require that you send in  a postcard, others may require that you send in a self addressed stamped envelope etc.  So, be sure to READ CAREFULLY.


Tips & Hints: *ALWAYS use a ball point pen unless the company states otherwise. 
*Print Neatly. Do not use cursive writing.
*Do not abbreviate your name, street or city.  
*When it is required that you send a self addressed stamped envelope, be sure to put a first-class stamp on the envelope.
*Always send a note stating what it is you are asking for.  We have pre-made cards for you to print out to use
*When asked to send a self addressed long envelope, use a 10 inch long envelope and fold it before putting it into the envelope you are mailing to the company with your request.
*Remember when sending any money (some offers require .50 or $1.00) be sure to tape any coins you are sending to a piece of paper.

Have Fun and Enjoy Collecting all the Freebies!

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*Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that you will receive all items you ask for or that all offers are available at the time you are viewing. We update our online book as often as possible to remove offers that we see as no longer available, and to add new offers.

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