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Fun Links

1000 Free Puzzles, Word & Math Games
Wuzzles & Puzzles

1000 Free Printables; Coloring
Pages, Games, Bingo Cards,


Mail-in Freebies 
(remember... SASE stands for Self Addressed Stamp Envelope)

Your kids LOVE to get something in the mail.  Help them to get as many things as possible and watch them look forward to the mailing coming every day.

FREE Map of America's Byways
This is a full-color, poster-sized Map of America's Byways.
The National Scenic Byways Program is happy to provide its America's Byways« map free to the public. We regret, however, that we can only supply maps to North American addresses (specifically, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.)
Click Here to Request


Free Endangered Species Poster
The Endangered Species poster may be ordered from the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP); EPA Publication Number is 735-F-94-014.

Order By Mail
P.O. Box 42419
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-0419


Little House Reader's Club - Sign up now and receive a kit and official membership card.
Send your name, address, birthdate and grade to:

Harper Collins Children's Books
Media Distribution Services
307 W. 36th Street
New York, NY 10138-0285


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